Laboratory of Entomology

The UFC Public Health Postgraduate Program has an entomology lab for developing projects related to vector control.


Laboratory of Assessment and Qualitative Research in Health

It is a team of researchers of several national and international institutions led by professors of the Community Health Department (DSC) at the Federal University of Ceará as well as undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers in Ceará who are included in lines and projects of research, technical and scientific activities developed in the area of Programs and Services Evaluation and Qualitative Research in Health.

Access: http://www.lapqs.ufc.br/


IT Resources

The UFC Public Health Postgraduate Program has a partnership with the Nucleus of Technologies and Distance Learning in Health (NUTEDS/UFC) which was created in 2010 with multi-disciplinary character. Its main goal is to support caring and educational projects in the health area, involving the usage of Information and Communication Technologies. NUTEDS/UFC has been distinguishing for carrying out activities such as video collaboration and webinars through an open source software which is able to connect up to 100 points at the same time. PPGSP has been able to carry out conferences, lessons, meetings, master and PhD pre-defense meetings as well as experimental defenses with participation of national and international researchers. This facility has been able to expand PPGSP scope in the state of Ceará in a collaborative way in order to consolidate the existing networks and create new ones.

Access: http://www.nuteds.ufc.br/



The UFC university library has the mission to organize, preserve and disseminate information for knowledge production supporting UFC educational, scientific, technological and cultural activities, providing the institution and society growth and development. Traditionally, PPGSP has the support and access to UFC library branches. It is worth mentioning that former students’ dissertations and theses are accessible online at the institutional repository (http://www.repositorio.ufc.br/). Currently, the UFC library system has 14 libraries in Fortaleza and 5 in the interior of the state of Ceará.

Access: http://www.biblioteca.ufc.br/


Study Spaces

Group study rooms

PPGSP has a study room with capacity of 20 students.